With a large percentage of Australians under some form of restrictions, it is important for us to focus on our own businesses and build our own independent momentum.

So, what is business momentum?

Momentum is the flow we have in our business. We can gain sales flow momentum, recruitment momentum, and cash flow momentum. Unfortunately, most of these have been impacted over the past 18-months. In this month’s newsletter, I’m going to share with you some tips to help rebuild your own momentum in your business, so that hopefully, when things start to open up again, you have some traction behind you.

Tip 1: 
Maintain constant communication with your clients. Client communication can be via email, phone, text message, social media posts, radio advertisement, and more. In a trying economy, it’s important our clients know we are still active in business and open for business now, even if that looks a little different from normal.

Tip 2: 
Look after yourself. Last week we acknowledged R U OK day. I want to reach out and ask, R U OK? You see, our business momentum is almost an exact reflection of our own mindset and energy levels. If we are feeling down and depleted, it will show in our businesses. If we are feeling update and proactive, that energy will flow through into our businesses.

Tip 3: 
Try and maintain cash flow. This, I understand to be easier said than done in this climate, but if you haven’t got constant cash flow from clients/customers, then you must access the government grants and disaster payments to ensure you have some money coming in to keep your momentum alive.

For more information on the disaster payment, you can click this link: https://business.gov.au/grants-and-programs/COVID19-Disaster-Payment

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