Stay one cyber-step ahead 

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that adaptability is key.

Disappointingly, it has recently been reported that Australian small businesses are statistically far less likely to adapt and upgrade to new technology, utilise social media, or review their cyber-security protocols than other countries within the Asia Pacific region. 

While this is bad news for small businesses as a whole, it could be good news for you. With so many Australian businesses resisting the inevitable digital explosion, there’s nothing to stop your business from forging a path through its competitors by prioritising your digital upgrades and reaping the benefits. 

Prior to 2020, upgrading your technology – whether software or hardware – was often not treated as a priority. With the Covid-19 crisis highlighting the chinks in our digital armour in ways we could never have predicted, digital upgrades can no longer be viewed as simply a potential option but as an absolute necessity for survival. 

Born of an unavoidable need to embrace online alternatives during lockdowns, customers have developed a greater understanding of the digital world, and the expectations for their online experiences are higher than ever. As consumer needs evolve, so must businesses strive to ensure that their technological and digital capabilities are best able to fulfill their customers’ requirements.

Some improvements and changes to consider are:

  • hardware and software upgrades
  • optimising your website for use on mobile devices
  • search engine optimisation
  • upgrading cybersecurity systems
  • utilising cloud-based systems
  • developing social media-based marketing campaigns
  • upgrading your POS systems.

There’s no doubt that many small businesses will feel the impact of the lockdowns and border closures of the last 12 months for some time to come. While there is no magic fix, remaining flexible, adaptable and open to change, especially on a digital level, will go a long way to ensuring your business’s survival during these challenging times, and for many years to come. 

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