6 important reasons to use a finance broker for your next business loan

Whether you’re investing in a new or used vehicle, updating industrial machinery, or looking into a digital upgrade, chances are you’re not going to have the cash to pay for your new assets upfront. Arranging business finance yourself can be time-consuming, frustrating, and ultimately expensive if you don’t choose the right loan to suit the individual needs of your business. As much as it can be tempting to go directly to a bank or lender (or to organise in-house finance, especially when purchasing a vehicle), arranging your business loan through an experienced and qualified finance broker can prevent many costly mistakes and make the whole process reasonably fast and stress-free. Let’s have a look at 6 reasons why.

Personalised Solutions

Business finance is never a one-size-fits-all scenario. A business finance broker will assess your individual situation and help you to secure finance that is customised to your personal business needs and circumstances. From the length and terms of the loan, whether it should be secured or unsecured, to potential tax advantages, your finance broker is in the business of understanding your business and providing you with the very best financial opportunities using their…..

Inside Knowledge

Finance brokers are connected to a large network of lenders and have access to many more options than would be available to you as an individual. With these connections and inside knowledge, along with the advantage of previously dealing with a variety of different business finance situations, your finance broker will be able to provide you with…..

Select Options

Too many options is not always a good thing, but having a range of suitable finance options already shortlisted and presented to you is extremely convenient. Rather than having to weed through numerous unsuitable choices yourself, your finance broker will bring to the table only those financial solutions that are best suited to you and your business, which will…..

Save Time

If you’re running your own business and you have heaps of spare time – good on you! But there are probably better things you could be doing with that time than investigating finance. If you’re like all the other small business owners who are time-poor, there’s the temptation to just go with a quick, easy option rather than taking the time to do proper research. That’s where your broker comes in. They’ll do all the time-consuming work of finding the best deals, and you will…..

Save Money

There can be many hidden costs involved in taking out a business loan. Often people are blindsided by low-interest rates and convenience and don’t take into account details such as the length of the loan and pay-out fees. This can become a very costly mistake. Having an experienced financial broker to look into and explain the sometimes confusing aspects of business finance will ensure that you’re making the right financial decision for your business. And should you need to make changes to your loan, your broker will be there with….. 

On-going Support

If you get a loan from a car dealership and you have any concerns or need to make adjustments, there’s every chance that whoever you dealt with initially will not be the person to assist you in the future. Having a reliable finance broker means that no matter how many staff work for the lenders, you’ll always be dealing with someone you know and trust – someone who has the best interest of your business at heart.

So next time you need to upgrade your business assets, don’t risk wasting your time and money going it alone. Talk to an expert to make sure you’re accessing the very best vehicle and asset finance to keep your business moving forward and staying strong. 


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